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Check Out 5 Ways Coronavirus Has Done Nigerian Homes A Lot Of Good



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While coronavirus has dealt both individual and national economies a great blow, there are some merits to it if looked at it closely.

These advantages, however, do not downplay the pains it has caused many families around the world. We only pray God grants them the fortitude to bear.

Below are, therefore, five advantages Covid-19 has on households:

1. More sleep time
Coronavirus has had many people work from home, and for those who live in busy cities and have to wake up early to beat traffic, that is additional sleep time. Adequate sleep also equals better health.

2. Better relationships
With the lockdown that happened in most places in the world, many had more time to spend with their families.

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For the very first time, the excuse of work was almost non-existent as people spent more time with families indoors.

3. Better food, lesser junks
The lockdown made people feed more on homemade quality food as eateries were closed and the only option available was cooking food out of the stuff at home. That also contributed greatly to better wellbeing

4. Better oxygen
Many may not know this, but reduced petrol cars and automobiles on the roads did our environments a lot of good as that means cleaner air to breathe in various households.

5. Good power supply
This could be debatable. However, some have argued that electricity improved in their areas because loads were shed off industries that temporarily shut down and transferred to households.

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