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The Real Mission Of Chinese Medical Team In Nigeria Finally Revealed,Not To Treat Coronavirus Cases



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According to DailyTimes Report, China Civil Engineering Construction company (CCECC) has revealed that Chinese doctors only came to assist prevent Covid-19 among their staff here in Nigeria and not to treat Coronavirus cases.


The company released a statement on its twitter handle on Friday to clarify on the status of the Medical team.

According to the tweet, ”After a 14-day quarantine and necessary tests, the CRCC Medical Team has been carrying out its assigned missions. We hereby briefly report on the current status of the team below.”

The statement revealed that the company facilitated the arrival of a team comprising of 3 representatives from CCECC headquarters and 12 medical personnel sourced from the medical subsidiary of its parent company, China Railway Construction Company, CRCC.

It said, ”the medical personnel including infectious disease experts were brought to Nigeria primarily to assist CCECC in preventing Covid-19 outbreak among our staff and providing expertise on Covid-19 management.

”it is important to reiterate that the mandate of the team does not cover treatment of covid-19 cases. The team is therefore not treating any covid-19 cases.The team only plays an advisory role.”

They also noted that the whereabouts of the Chinese medics have been under their care and accommodation.


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