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2023 Presidency: ANSOROK Coordinator Appointed As Chairman Consultation Committee



Prince Adewale Samson

As the 2023 Presidential Election in Nigeria comes closer, the one-time National Campaign Coordinator 2007 for the former Imo state governor, Rochas Okorochas Presidential Campaign Group, Prince Adewale Samson, has been appointed as the National Presidential Consultation Committee for the group.

In a Press Statement, by the Secretary of the Committee, Mrs. Jumai,  she said leaders from various Presidential Groups Current and Past Converges at Godfather Hotel in Lagos State where they agreed that a Presidential Consultation Committee is set up to widely Consult before taking a decision who will be their preferred Candidate for 2023 Presidential Election.

The Urgent meeting was necessary and called by the Former National Coordinator of ANSOROK, Prince Adewale Samson who happens to be their leader during 2005/7 Rochas Okorocha Campaign Team under the Group Name, All Nigerians Support Owelle Rochas Okorocha (ANSOROK 2007).

According to the statement, the convener of the meeting Prince Adewale  Samson welcomes 14 members present at the meeting according to Samson he invited 20 close Allied and like minds who worked with him during the 2007 Rochas Campaign, that he is happy to see some of the old faces and also New faces too. Samson pleaded with members to put the past behind them that, this time they will be more careful in carrying out whatever Assignments given to them.

Speaking with Jumai furthermore, she made us understand in the meeting that one of the leaders said what happened in the past 15 years ago, is a long time and a lot of good waters have passed under the bridge, that
he is not in our group by that time, his friend is one of ANSOROK State coordinators sent to represent him as he is far away in Yobe

Another leader from Tinubu Group quickly made an observation if the meeting is for Rochas Okorochas Presidential Ambition.  Another member also supported him in the same direction that he has his own Group working for President Muhammadu Buhari, it would therefore be better for the convener to spell out if the meeting is for Rochas

The National Coordinator of ANSOROK said he only called this meeting for them to chart a way forward and BrainStorm on happenings in Nigeria Regard 2023.

Mr. Benjamin from Markafi Group said since we all are not from ANSOROK but we  needed a good Nigeria to lead Nigerians to the promised land come 2023, it would be better to set up a Consultation Committee for this Project, though this idea did not go down well with ANSOROK Coordinator who said they would have allowed him to finish his speech first before any suggestion since that is what they all want it is okay by him.

Mrs.  Jumai said 14 leaders out of 20 invitees at the meeting all agreed to set up a consultation committee to be headed by Prince Adewale Samson of ANSOROK as Chairman and her humble self-Secretary
from another Group.

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