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AMB Timothy Raises Concerns Over Abuse Of Public Office



Amb Timothy Nwachukwu

Amb Timothy Nwachukwu has raised some concerns over the misuse of public offices by government workers in anambra state.

Timothy who also seek citizens Participation in Anti Graft war noted that the abuse of public office is anathema and impediment to national development.

Amb Timothy Nwachukwu, An Anti-Corruption Crusader and the Convener, Campaign Against Crime Initiative (CACI) and Youth Advocates For Peace Justice and Empowerment Network (YAPJEN) warned that abuse of public office by civil servants and public officials who ought to be accountable to the people, serve with integrity, loyalty, efficiency, patriotism and provide fair justice as well as lead a modest lives portends a great danger to the development of Nigeria.

In a press release made available to OAU VOICES on Tuesday, The Anti graft Advocate disclosed that every act of public Official that violates the letter or the spirit of the constitution is corruption and a betrayal of the public trust encapsulated in the provisions of the organic law of Nigeria.

Thus it is an act of betrayal of both the oath sworn and the trust reposed by the people, for Public officials to do anything in the course of thier duty that is contrary to the stipulations of the constitution.

He further highlited that subversion of the due process of law with intent to further narrow self-interest or group interest is an act of corruption.


He regretted that corruption pervaded the civil service due to deeply rooted problems like nepotism, cronyism, political patronage, lack of transparency, accountability, unsystematic enforcement of law and institutional mechanisms for holding civil servants and public officials accountable of their actions.

He noted that corruption generates political instability which may occur when the citizens mistrust the government of the day. It brings about  deterioration of public infrastructure to the extent that it can hardly support any meaningful economic growth.

He lamented that funds obtained through corrupt practices by some Public officials are stashed and utilised in foreign countries as the funds become inaccessible for use in our nation’s internal development, thereby causing the economy to deteriorate and become over-burdened with external debt while the stashed loot enriches the economy of countries where the funds are stashed.

Amb Timothy Nwachukwu further enjoined the citizens to support the Nation’s anti graft agencies in their avowed commitment to stamp out Corruption in Nigeria.

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