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IMO: Why Uzodinma Unconcerned And Mute, While Orlu Is Boiling ?



Imo Governor, Hope Uzodinma

What really is happening in Orlu, one of Nigeria’s oldest sub-region? Precisely, what’s happening in the Okporo, Akata, Umutanze, etcetera areas of ancient Orlu?

The only correct answer so far is that since January 20, 2021 or thereabouts, there has been marshal music waxed with the triggers of men that aren’t ordinary; men of war.

And in the spirit of war, lives have been gunned down, while property have been set ablaze, with citizens heavily evacuated from the gun-spots, as the warriors and invaders count their blessings.

Now, clear six days after the first salvos were heard, nothing has been heard from the Government of Imo State, in care of Senator Hope Uzodinma.

That worrisome Uzodinma’s stance of silence when speech would have availed much was first witnessed during the sad hijack of the #EndSARS protests a couple of months ago.

Ultimately, before Uzodinma spoke, days after, lives had been taken by military force, and property wantonly lost to arsonists’ inferno.

This time around, Orlu is at “war” so to say with unusual military presence, just like in real war, but Uzodinma is nowhere to be found in Imo State. Hence, he hasn’t uttered a word on the scary situation that has ginger natives with enough awe and fear of the known.

But as the English say: “A stitch in time, saves nine”. Also, they say: “Make hay while the sun shines”. Instructively, they admonish: “Procrastination is the thief of time”!

Consequently, just like during the #EndSARS clashes between regular security operatives and irregular operatives tagged “hoodlums”, when speculations were peddled that the Imo Government may as well be aware of what’s happening, with Uzodinma’s reticence and taciturnity, there are increasing speculations that the current hostilities in Orlu may also be to the knowledge of the Government, hence the usual silence.

However, it’s abnormal that a clash and conflict between two gun-wielding and shooting sides would rage for about week non-stop and nothing will be heard from the Government to assure the citizens of their safety and security.

Why Uzodinma feigns ignorance and unconcern about life-threatening situations, in which lives and property are lost, still baffles concerned citizens of Imo State.

It only exposes further the cluelessness, ineptitude and incompetence of the supposed current regime and its leader. It confirms Uzodinma’s bad leadership and bad governance capacity.

A good leader is very proactive in situations and circumstances that threaten the safety and security of citizens he’s supposed to be leading.

Any development that’s capable of causing the loss of lives and property of the people is promptly waded into and nipped in the bud by a competent and capable leader.

The recent interventions by the governors of Ondo and Oyo State on issues of insecurity are instances of what’s expected from good leaders in times of infringements to the safety and security of the society. Uzodinma should take a cue, and emulate his Ondo and Oyo State counterparts.

It’ll be very good if Uzodinma could address Ndimo immediately on what’s happening in areas of Orlu Zone, where for days now some kind of “war” has been ongoing with conventional and emergency “soldiers” expressing restiveness and restlessness with their arms and ammunition.

The reports so far are unhelpful as they clash, conflict and contradict themselves. They reflect the “Okoko Ndem” and “Zik ekwuo ncha” reports of those unforgetrable days!

Only the official statement of the Government of Imo State will be good enough at this time to assuaged the speculations, rumours, and distorted reports flying in the atmosphere. Over to Uzodinma!

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