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INSECURITY: Sunday Igboho And Fulani Herdsmen



Sunday Igboho

The nexus behind the Fulani herdsmen and the shepherds are more of a media things when we juxtapose their mystical realms from both side. It might be peculiar with our hindsight, but the brutal truths require the likes of credible and eligible elites from all the geopolitical zones to educate people in order to have an enduring peace in the fatherland. Because we are all aware that constitution has never proscribed a right of movement to Nigerians, but horrendous act under whatever disguise is what it kicks against.

Activist like Sunday Igboho, who has been dancing to the tune of social media pundits; people whose social media paeans often bring a temporary hiccup in settling unrest in the country, have succeeded in bringing in more tantrums. While some people remain at bays, watching the ongoing crisis spreading, with no efforts to confront it with seriousness it deserves.

Some questions on the lips of every concerned citizens are: ” Has Sunday been appointed to do this job or not? What is his role in the security architecture of the region? Who are bankrolling him? What are the roles of AMOTEKUN? These are the questions that need to be articulated in order to douse the temperature of traumatized Nigerians. His intention to evict Fulanis must untangle a cordial relationship of the duos; where in the process of silencing your enemy, you end up silencing your own career.

This incestuous relationship of Yoruba and Fulanis is beyond his capacity at all levels. So, there is no room for hellions with highfalutin words against Fulanis that live peacefully in the region. Unlike those that unleash their miserable attacks northwards and south for their personal gains, and mostly live in hinterlands. Why can’t you assail them in their hideouts?

Now that the situation is getting worse, Nigerians are eager to quench their thirst with credible information from either Afenifere; the constellation of Yoruba elites, or political moguls who are seeing at front benches in the National Assembly to condemn this erroneous acts on harmless citizens by some few malnourished and demented dogs who want to initiate a tribal war ahead.

To the politicians that have been sent to sleep mode, wake up from your slumber because your country is in crisis. Even it takes courage to address your political thugs, your silence will remain in compliance with the latter. The Nigeria that you intend to demolish is the same Nigerian you launch your electioneering campaigns, and with same ethnic groups you go for consultations when it comes. The pet we feed today in order to threat our enemies might threat us turnaround.

If you wage your war, think of others who seek peace. You can’t become a misanthrope in a nation that is bounded in democracy. Sometimes, we often blow our war trumpet but when it comes to our threshold and knocks the door, we run away. We can go our separate paths but live as one.

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