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Mixed Reactions Trail 2nd Suspension Of Tunde Ednut’s Instagram Account



Tunde Ednut

Nigerians have started to generate mixed reactions following the suspension of the controversial blogger, Social media influencer, Tunde Ednut Instagram account for the second time.

Instagram had suspended his first account of over 2 million followers after allegedly violating it’s terms and conditions.

OAU VOICES gathered that few days after, the social media influencer created a new Instagram account which was however banned after massive followers within a very short period of time.

Tunde in his reaction following the suspension of his Instagram account again noted that it doesn’t understand why that is happening to him. Many of his fans have also been questioning why the celebrity account was suspended again.

Nigerians however, have taken to social media to react over his second suspension.

Tunde Ednut seems to have more enemies than friends as some twitter users took to social media to make gest of him after his account was banned again for the second time.

Below are some of the reactions from Twitter users;

Tunde Ednut IG account was already due for suspension,because the way those followers kept coming in we all knew those were fake followers pumping in.
When you no be JAY Z abi Ronaldo how you wan take get 1M followers in one day Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy

Replying to @masud_basheer and @Seankleann
Better scam Tundeendut done go boost account we know all about that boosting boys they run am normally come they rake forget say the app nor be you even get am even make Mark do shout out for anybody that person nor go get 1 million followers in a day.

Iyanda Okin @IyandaOkinEsq
With this 2nd suspension of Tunde Ednut’s account, I think these big tech platforms are too despotic, autocratic/ dictatorial in managing these platforms. Yes, they are private but they invite others to join and as such there is a need for a 3rd party neutral to evaluate breaches

Tunde Ednut IG account was already due for suspension…
When you no be JAY Z abi Ronaldo how you wan take get 1M followers in one day Face with tears of joyFace with tears of joyFace with tears of joy HOW?

Replying to @Damii_aros
Why did Instagram suspend Tunde Ednut’s acct again?
-Using people’s contents without their permission is a violation to Instagram’s policy.
-If your account is reported for violating this rule, you risk losing it.
This I think is responsible for Tunde Ednut’s accounts suspension

Daniel Chukwuma@ThatFatDanny Replying to @Swaaguu_Baba and @masud_basheer
Guy leave that thing
The way his followers boosted in one day is suspicious mehn. E know normal at all. Is he the only person Davido has given shout-out to before? Even Twitter sef go block you if you get followers like that

Romeovil*a @Romeoviler Replying to @TundeEddnut
I think we should start reporting this guy account… Suspension of his account will reduce the Clout… #WizkidMissSuya

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