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Nigeria Students’ Bane: ASUU Vs COVID-19



Greatest Nigeria students! Greatest upon the greatest upon the greatest Nigeria students!

It’s a thing of past to those days when this merry chants would be replied with yet another thunderous “great!”

The sudden outbreak of the the new viral infection popularly known by the nick name covid-19 is no news any more. The viral pandemic which shoot off since the month of March had sent the country and the whole world into an uncalled lockdown. With lots of new cases each passing days, the deadly infection has long since refused to leave.

Nigerians and most especially the Nigerian students have as of the 3rd month of the year been away from school making it a total of six months stay at home.

Amidst this pandemic the popular ASUU whose strike action started weeks before the lockdown wasn’t noticed as the whole country was thrown into a frenzy as a result of the pandemic.

The sudden lockdown throughout the country which also included all tertiary institutionas seemed to be the one bane bridge Nigerian students would have to cross.

Recently with the ease of the lockdown, students are still seen at home and schools are not resuming yet or anytime soon. The country’s attention is now drawn to ASUU.

Now, having months and series of academic activities lost, Nigeria students are left with the very question of “what is going on?”

Amidst the fact that some states like Lagos State, Anambra state and some other states are ever willing to reopen schools, yet, the ASUU body has stood between this dream come through.

Now, what exactly is the actual cause of the stay at home for the Nigerian students.

Could it be the covid-19 pandemic? If that’s the case, why are places like the churches, the markets, eateries, hotels and other social gathering places open and bubbling with life. Does it mean Universities are more condensed that we actually thought? (Well this is clearly a topic for another day)
But one thing is for sure, the lockdown had been released but Universities are yet to resume.

Following the recent conversation with University of Ibadan Asuu chairman, Dr. Ayoola Akinwole. He said that the fact strike started before the general Covid-19 lockdown means that, the strike would continue even after the lockdown has been relieved, unless the FG pays heed to their demands.

He stated thus “We have been on strike before the global pandemic, so reopening schools doesn’t mean the strike action ends as well. The FG could decide to reopen all the schools tomorrow but members of our Union have the right to offer our services or not as regards our demands from the FG”

Having said this with clear languages, we could deduce the bane of poor Nigerian students.

Covid-19 or no covid-19 the fate of Nigerian students resumptions rest wholely on the shoulders of the gaint ASUU.

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