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Popular Nollywood Actress,Iyabo Ojo Speaks On Parenting



Iyabo Ojo and his two children

Popular nollywood actress and celebrities, Iyabo Ojo has disclosed how she does his parenting on her children.

Iyabo Ojo who was born in December 27, 1977 reportedly got married and engaged in 1999 and has two children so far. Her first child is Festus while the second is Priscilla

The actress in an interview with Journalist revealed that she is very strict and stern when it comes to taking care of her children.

“A very strict one, I am too strict, my children know it. I play with my children, but they know that I can go from zero to a hundred,” iyabo ojo said.

The popular actress also opened up on how she undergo a surgery on her tummy as many people do claim.

Iyabo said; “I did do surgery on my tummy, you know when you have children you also have this extra skin. I hate it, so I did the surgery for my own self-confidence; you know when I’m walking around naked in my house I want to feel sexy, I want to feel good, so I did that.

“You know when you are a celebrity or in the limelight you have to take care of yourself because a lot of people look up to you, you have fans and when you are not looking good they are worried,” she stated

The actress added that she would later in the future enlighten people and narrate stories of her past and private life.

“I will soon be coming out with my own programme where I will talk a lot about my past and my private life because I really don’t do that and because I really don’t do that, a lot of people don’t understand the things that I do.


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