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By Robinson Nwaokoro


Many things are going wrong in modern marriage because of improper understanding and lack of orientation on what gender equality really stand for.

This misunderstanding of gender equality movement is one of the major harbinger and springboard that makes up for the high level of divorce, domestic violence and insubordination that is plaguing our modern marriage.

A marriage union where husband, made by God to be the leader, head, or master of the home, have become a most pathetic plight where both husband and wife are now equal masters, heads, leaders or controller of the same home.

Most People who feel this kind of equal right is good and should be promoted and promulgated as the standard of marriage are ignorant of what gender equality is. I’ve understudied gender equality and what it actually means. It is very unfortunate that Gender equality is pushed to extreme by rebellious, arrogant, disgruntled and unsubmissive women: gender equality have become opposite of it objective amongst most women today.

Gender equality is not about man and woman sharing equal right or position in the home, it simply means that men and women are equal before the law, and equal to partake in any social position or societal matters-affairs. Gender equality means that any position a man can handle in the society, a woman should also handle or occupy it with all benefits and rights.

The movement of gender equality came about when male children were considered to be the only gender qualified for formal education. So, by women liberation, a motion was moved, leading to where [particularly] education became an equal right to both male and female. Before, only male could serve as force personnel, or as statesmen or political actors, but today, both male and female are equal to such social status. The essence of gender equality is that women should not be sidelined or pushed aside from every social positions. Gender equality means that women should be carried alongside everything happening in the society. Women should participate equally with men, which is very perfect. But what is seriously wrong about gender equality today is that many women have taken advantage of such social movement to push further into seizing of matrimonial power or headship.

Today, many home have become a battle ground, because of tussle for power, or for leadership position: many marriages have degenerated into a scuffle, because of headship.

Feminist movement have left the original purpose of gender equality to mean a man should not head or control a woman, they insist that both should be equal in everything, including giving of order and deciding of how the home should be run. They meant that man and woman should be boss, commanding each other, and running the affairs of the family 50/50.

I think anybody vying for such, or promoting such leadership equality in marriage does not really think as human being with civility: such group should be considered as threat in a Democratic society where one man is elected as president or governor to control, direct, and instruct the entire populace.

If men and women should be co-sharers of family leadership or headship, then, we should not have any President, governor or representative that we vested our power and right upon to control and lead us.

Take for example: even though the President of a nation is equally a human being with his citizens, yet; that doesn’t make the president and his citizens to become equal in terms of leadership and control of power. Now, if a citizens begins to oppose, dictate or vie for equal power or position with his president, then such a citizen, by law is rebelling against the established governing body controlling him: the same illustration goes for marriage.

Women were created by God to take second position in the home, while the husband takes his first position of leadership, in other to provide the family with clarity, direction, vision and protection.

Any woman that hates to submit herself under the control of a man should not bother to get married to a man, because God has designed that a woman should obey, serve and submissively give herself to the leadership and direction of her husband.

Naturally speaking, there’s no institution on earth that supports equal leadership. There can only be one leader with a sole authority to govern an institution per time, with another appointed or chosen to assist alongside that leader.

Two people cannot control, run or govern an institution at the same time, such would lead to chaos and catastrophe.

Let’s reflect on our social environment and see that there are no two captains controlling one ship at the same time. There are no two pilots flying one plane in different direction at the same time. There are no two kings at the helm of affairs, controlling one kingdom at the same time. There are no two Presidents or governors controlling one state or country at the same time. There are no two vice chancellors controlling one university at the same time. Although, in all of the above leadership positions, even though one power block is mandated to be head or be in control of the system, there is a need for an assistant, deputy or vice that is always appointed or chosen to support the leader, in other to have a balance system. If women can apply such common sense from the above example in running their marriage, there would be no need for many of them to drag, oppose, challenge, or usurp their husband, just because they want to seize power and be in control or in charge.

Today, in very many part of the world today, these feminists movement is not only posing threat to our present society, it’s already breeding generation of upcoming women who are growing with the mentality or mindset of superiority; which to them, it means that no man can control my life for me, or dictate how my home will be run without my permission or contribution.

Let’s redefine and re-orientize our women, and educate them properly by letting them know that gender equality is strictly limited to social justice and social amenities: gender equality is outside the confinement of marriage!

In marriage, there’s nothing like gender equality: men are the head in every matter pertaining to the home, while women are called to assist under the authority of their husband in everything!

The truth of the matter is that any woman that wants equal right, power, control or leadership with her husband is seriously emotionally and mentally sick or derailed.

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